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Phone Number
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Do you love our headshots? The reason we ask is because your headshots will look nearly identical to headshots we have previously shot (in terms of lighting, angle and composition) and will be shot in the same location (as our other headshots). Your Headshots will be shot from the Chest up. We do not shoot Natural Light Headshots. We shoot Studio Light Headshots. *
Do you agree to pay us $50 if you cancel/reschedule your appointment within 72 hours of your Headshot Photo Session? *
Can you text us 4 photos to the Phone Number listed above before you Submit this Form? Two of those photos must be of a valid California Driver's License (front and back) and the other two photos must be the first two pages of your most recent Residential Electric Bill. *
Can you please bring an empty Flash Drive that is 16GB (or larger) to the photoshoot so that we can place all your Headshots on the Flash Drive? *
Would you like suggestions, however critical, related to you and your Headshots? *
Females must bring a male friend. Is that okay? *
We are currently creating a Behind the Scenes Video for our Photography Business. Can we film and record your voice? *
What is your Emergency Contact's Phone Number? *
What is your Emergency Contact's Phone Number?
Do you accept the following terms? TERMS: We are currently creating a Behind the Scenes Video for our Photography Business. We will film you and record your voice during your Photo Session. Client is welcome to review the Photographer – verbally, in writing or other means. However, Client must include all information deemed relevant by the Photographer in the Review. Client agrees to furnish Photographer with the Review before the Review is disseminated so that the Photographer can address any inaccuracies, misleading statements, misrepresentations of truths and/or omissions in the Review. Client permits the Photographer to determine the appropriate response time so that Photographer can address Client’s Review in the most effective manner possible. If the Photographer and Client are unable to agree to every single word in Client’s Review, then Client agrees to pay an Arbitrator, of the Photographer’s choosing, to resolve the disputed words. Should any dispute arise relating to you and the Photographer (or Gold Standard Photography), Client agrees to pay 100% of the Photographer’s Legal Fees and bear 100% of their own Legal Fees. Should Client breach any covenant, Client agrees to pay Photographer $10,000,000 USD. Client agrees to hold Gold Standard Photography, Photographer and any affiliated parties harmless from any claim, liability, loss, or expense resulting from any resolved or unresolved incident. *