Client must return Photographer’s Flash Drive within 365 days. Client must give Photographer a 72-hour Cancellation Notice by means of Text Message. Client is welcome to review the Photographer - verbally, in writing or other means. However, Client must include all information deemed relevant by the Photographer in the Review. Client agrees to furnish Photographer with the Review before the Review is disseminated so that the Photographer can address any inaccuracies, misleading statements, misrepresentations of truths and/or omissions in the Review. Client permits the Photographer to determine the appropriate response time so that Photographer can address Client’s Review in the most effective manner possible. If the Photographer and Client are unable to agree to every single word in Client’s Review, then Client agrees to pay an Arbitrator, of the Photographer’s choosing, to resolve the disputed words in Los Angeles. Should any dispute arise relating to Client and/or the Photographer, Client agrees to pay 100% of the Photographer’s Legal Fees and bear 100% of Client’s Legal Fees. Client, his confirmed and suspected Affiliates and/or Co-Conspirators agree to hold Photographer and all of his Affiliates harmless from any claim, liability, loss, damages, attorney fees, legal fees, or expenses resulting from any resolved or unresolved incident. Should Client breach any promise, portion or provision of this Agreement, Client agrees to pay the Photographer $1,000,000,000.00 - One Billion United States Dollars - within 30 days of said breach. Should Client be unable to pay the Penalty Fee, his confirmed and suspected Affiliates and/or Co-Conspirators will assume the burden. Client agrees to abide by these terms for 99 years.