APP NAME: Stock Trade  

APP CAPABILITY: App allows Users to trade stocks like E-trade, Ameritrade and Scottrade.

On an IPhone Screen: A woman’s fingers (with nail polish) scrolls through her IPhone. She stops scrolling when she hears a News Video Clip say: “Breaking News!”

On News Clip # 1, we see: A 17-year-old girl questioned by three men in suits.

At a local news station, the TV Anchorwoman stares into the camera and says: “It seems everyone including the FBI wants to know how a high school cheerleader made $8,000 during her Spring Break on a smartphone app.”

On News Clip # 2, we see: A TV Anchorman interviews an 16-year-old skater that is dressed in nothing but shorts and abs. A skateboard is tucked under his arm. His mother stands next to him. The teenager’s mother leans into the TV Anchorman’s microphone and says, “The first time he got a check, I grounded him because he would not tell me how he earned the money. When the second check arrived, I threatened to hide his skateboard if he did not tell me how he earned this much money.”

The teenager’s mother holds up a $5,000 check up to the camera lens.

On News Clip # 3, we see shots of: Trophies.

On News Clip # 4, an Anchorwoman stands on a high school football field and says: “A rags to riches story has rocked this tiny town, leaving its population of 1,000 in complete disbelief. A high school senior has declined all of his football college scholarships . Instead, he has decided to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle after graduation. The student in question invested his lunch money and earned $32,000 in 75 days with an app that he created. Apparently he taught himself how to write code on YouTube.”

Cut to a shot of the School Newspaper with a headline that states: “Star Quarterback Skips College.”

Cut back to Anchorwoman who stands on football field and says: “We may have this generation’s Einstein disguised as a jock. We still do not have the financial blueprint of how this app works because it is in beta. The App's creator is 16 and is only permitting his friends to test it. However, the quarterback in question has agreed to speak with us after his practice today.”

Cut away to the Video’s Host who says: “Wall Street was speechless. The New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor was filled with chatter. A Wealth Manager quickly realized that this may be the financial discovery of this century.”

Cut to a Gentleman in a bowtie who says: “This is an event. Never in the history of traditional trading, have such a large number of individuals generated such an impressive Return On Investment. I myself have taken a sabbatical from my Wall Street office to spend the next 6 months analyzing this cash juggernaut. This investigation is at a very young stage.”

The Video’s Host says: “This teenager has been a recluse ever since news broke that he discovered a simple technique to create substantial sums of money. He has declined interviews from Oprah, Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Fallon. He even refuses to divulge any details to his Coach. His family and friends are disappointed with his secrecy. The young man has spent nearly his entire junior year in his bedroom refining this money-making system. His app has proven profitable because every person that has used it has generated more money than they originally invested. Its' potential may be limitless. We are not talking thousands, we are talking millions. That is what we all want. Right? We all want to be a millionaire. Apparently, this kid has made it possible with just one tap of your finger.”

Cut to an IPhone Screen: A woman’s finger (with nail polish) taps an IPhone Screen once.

Off Camera we hear: the music stops and we hear an IPhone Tap Noise.

Cut to Anchorwoman who stands on a high school football field and says: “I have waited months for this moment. The boy is finally prepared to reveal the big secret because he has finally reached his financial target. A motorcycle.”

Cut to the Video Host who says: “Do you want to make a lot of money without going to work?”

Off Camera we hear: A School Bell Rings.

A title on screen says: TWO YEARS LATER


Close up shot of a 65-year-old man sitting near his pool. “It all happened so fast. The best part of this was that it only took me 15 minutes to learn. Then, like a flood, the money came pouring in. The results?”

Cut to a wide shot of his pool and mansion. 


A gentleman wearing a t-shirt and denim overalls stands beside a lemon of a car. He says, “I am not very good on a computer. So, I allowed my grandson to borrow my car in return for teaching me how to use this App. It only took me a few minutes to learn. I was surprised how easy it was. I made so much money in 11 days that I...”

Camera Pans Right To Reveal: A new luxury vehicle.

He says, “I thanked my grandson by giving him that (points to his old car) and thanked myself by buying this.

He climbs into the new car.

We hear: The car engine rev.


A 65-year-old woman exits a luxury retailer holding a dozen shopping bags. She stops and says: “I was fearful that my grandchildren could not attend the college of their choice. Then I heard about this Ap and well this smile (she smiles) says the rest. Say goodbye to repaying student loans.”


A 65-year-old woman exits a Jeweler wearing 10 rings. She stops and says, “I could not decide which ring to buy so I bought all 10. The Stocktrade Ap has made shopping a lot easier.”

Her husband stands beside her. He nods in agreement.